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If you have a punch out hole and a locking arm on the inside of your furniture, you would first need to identify your manufacturer. The most common locations for a manufacturer label are on an outside corner; underside of the top shelf, a drawer, or main part of a desk; the inside edge of an overhang; the inside of a drawer; on the locking mechanism; or on the face of the lock core where you insert the key, right next to your lock code.

If your manufacturer is “HON” we recommend our FC-10 lock, which can be found on the HON page. This can be used in all HON pieces of furniture with a round punch out and includes an internal file locking bar inside your furniture. If your punch out hole is oval, simply purchase the FC26-AR adapter ring as well to convert the FC-10 lock to fit your oval punch out.

If your furniture is by any other manufacturer, we recommend our file locking bar by ABUS. It is a cheaper alternative to a turn or push-in style locking mechanism and you can view more information about them on the ABUS page. Please contact customer service should you have any other questions.

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