Finding The Right Manufacturer So You Get The Right Key

All we typically need is the alphanumeric lock code to cut your key, but some lock numbers are valid for multiple manufacturers or consist of numbers only.

K3: could be Kimball, Knoll or Storwal
LL287: could be Chicago Lock or Herman Miller
001: could be Hurd, Invincible, Kimball Office or Metal Stand

In these cases we will need the manufacturer of the furniture or lock to cut you the correct key. You should see the manufacturer name on a sticker somewhere on your furniture. The most common locations are on an outside corner; underside of the top shelf, a drawer, or main part of a desk; the inside edge of an overhang; the inside of a drawer; on the locking mechanism; or on the face of the lock core where you insert the key, right next to your lock code. Try entering your lock code(s) into the search box at the top of the page to identify your manufacturer.

If there just isn't a manufacturer name listed then send a photo to, a lock expert will find what you need.



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