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The locksmith world can be confusing and overwhelming at times. There are many words and phrases being used that can create a headache so we've created a list of commonly used words throughout our site and the locksmith community.

Bitting depth - depth of each cut in a key.

Bittings - cuts in a key.

Broken key extractor - a tool designed to remove a broken or stuck key from a lock.

Control key (sometimes called Change Key, Core Removal Key, Pull Key) - a key that is required for the removal and installation of lock cores.

Key blank (sometimes spelled keyblank) – is a key that has not been cut to a specific bitting. The blank has a specific cross-sectional profile to match the keyway in a corresponding lock cylinder. 

Keyed alike - the locks would operate using the same key.

Keyed different - the locks would operate using different keys.

Keyway - the area of the lock cylinder where the key is inserted.

Lock core – the inner part of a lock housing. The lock core is the part the key enters. Most lock cores can be removed but not all locks have a removable lock core.

Lock housing – is the lock body where the lock core sits in. The lock housing is what it installed into the furniture.

Master key – a key that unlocks all locks within a series.

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