Kimball Office Manufacturer Part Number/Lock Number Conversion

At EasyKeys we use the lock numbers rather than Kimball’s part numbers but if the part number is all you have use this conversion chart to find the corresponding Easy Keys part number.


Lock Series K1—K250:

  • KCCA001—KCCA256 (K1—K256 Lock No’s)
  • KCCACK/CM3505 or KSCACK (K Change/Pull Key)
  • KC1GMK/MK3504 or KS1GMK (K Master Key)

Casegood Series: Affinity, Innsbruck, Osterly Park, President, Senator, Universal, Curved, Radius, Square


Lock Series HK1—HK250:

  • KSCB001—KSCB250 (HK1-HK250 Lock No’s)
  • KSCBCK/CK3504 (HK Change/Pull Key)
  • KS1GMK/MK3504 (HK Master Key)

Casegood Series: Bevel, Eclipse, Flat, Lunar, Bloxx, Fundamental, LF


Lock Series HH101—HH250:

  • KSCH101—KSCH250 (HH101—HH250 Lock No’s)
  • KSCBCK/CK3504 (HH Change/Pull Key)
  • KS3GMK/MK3600 (HH Master Key)

Casegood Series: All metal product prior to 1/31/2000


Lock Series 001—500 Single Sided (keys have teeth on one side):

  • KCCC001—KCCC500 or KCCD001—KCCD500 (001—500 Lock No’s)
  • KCCC1CK/CME or KCCD1CK (00 Pull Key)
  • KC3GMK/CMEFGH (00 Master Key)

Casegood Series: Change, Complementary, Definition


Lock Series 001—600 Double Sided (keys have teeth on both sides):

  • KSCD001—KSCD600 (001—600 Lock No’s) 

Casegood Series: All New Style Products



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