Haworth Master Keys

SL Series

  • The SL series does not have a master key.

ML Series

  • MX-1 MK - Works for lock codes ML001 - ML150
  • MX-2 MK - Works for lock codes ML151 - ML200
  • MX-3 MK - Works for lock codes ML201 - ML250
  • MX-4 MK - Works for lock codes ML251 - ML300
  • MX-5 MK - Works for lock codes ML401 - ML700

HW Series

  • HW-MK - Works for lock codes HW001 - HW300


Master keys are security items and due to this we unfortunately cannot offer them to everyone.

Currently we can only sell master keys to locksmiths, furniture dealers, or facility managers who have registered an account with us.

If you do not already have an account just create an account here and let us know by email at or by phone at 877-839-5397. We can confirm your account and you'll be ready to order.

Master keys are $15.00 each.

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