Anderson Hickey AH2194 15400/2194 Assembly Instructions



First, insert the lock cylinder and plastic shell housing into the oval hole located in the upper right corner of your cabinet. Secure with the big square c-clip on the backside. Then install the lock lifter. 

The AH2194 kit includes two lock lifters. Unfortunately, the only way to determine which of the two is needed is by trial and error unless you have an original to compare to. 

To install the lock lifter, you need to locate the circular hole beside the internal file locking bar (see below). 


Insert lock lifter into locking bar slot and lock housing slot. The lock lifter should be positioned in the orientation shown below. Align the hole of the lock lifter with the circular hole of the file locking bar, and then insert that round metal fastener into the hole. Your new lock is now fully installed and ready to use!

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