I Can't Read My Lock Code. How Do I Read It?

Sometimes lock codes get worn down and are difficult to read. recommends:

1. Make it easy on yourself when trying to read those tiny lock codes - use our magnifying card light and hard to read lock codes are a thing of the past! Magnifying Card Light - Free if you spend $75 or more.

2. iPhone 'Magnifying Glass With Light' App by Falcon In Motion LLC: 4.5 Rating
This free app comes in handy when you find yourself, squinting at the tiny lock code on the face of your lock. Point your iPhone's camera at the text, move the on-screen slider, and you'll have large, easy-to-read lock code in no time.

3. Dab whiteout over the lock code and then gently wipe off the excess with your finger. Your lock code should be more visible.





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