Welcome to the New Easykeys Support Center wanted to offer a new platform to help all of our customers and with this goal the Support Center was created. Through this new platform we will be able to provide a better understanding of the key and lock world and make your key search well, EASY!

      Our new Support page can be found under the Support tab on Here you will find a few helpful links like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Manufacturer Knowledge Base, Contact Us, Blog, Community Forum and our Terms and Conditions. By using the new search feature at the top of our Support page you can search key words and manufacturer names and be directed to our FAQ, Blog or Community Forum.

      The FAQ page has our most frequently asked questions including how to identify your lock code, what to do if you have a broken key stuck in your lock, and many more common problems. The Manufacturer Knowledge Base is where you will find helpful tools and installation instructions for our most popular manufacturers such as HON, Haworth, Knoll, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Kimball Office and Timberline.

      We are also excited to introduce our new Community Forum and Blog. Our Community Forum is a place for you to exchange ideas and post questions on a particular topic. We encourage you to post your questions, make suggestions on ways we can improve the website, and even suggest products. Our blogs will be posted weekly and will include product knowledge, what is new in the industry, and we will even be answering new questions that come into our email as well as the Community Forum.

      If you still have something on your mind feel free to Contact Us. We are available through email 24/7 and are happy to help will any of your questions and ordering needs. We also have a link to our Review page here and love to hear your feedback. Our goal is to make it easy to solve your lock and key problems and we want to hear from you!

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